Annalisa Grova

Born in Italy, in the magical and ancient Sardinia, where she stayed until the age of 18, Annalisa lived for many years in Florence and then in New York. Her eventful and passionate life has been full of experiences that have helped to expand her understanding and to grow with fulfillment and gratitude.

Passionate about bringing Beauty, Harmony and Love to all aspects of her own life and the lives of others, Annalisa has worked for many years, with an holistic approach, in the field of wellness. She owned and ran spas in Europe and the US and her specialization in weight loss allowed her to assist many clients to lighten not just their physical weight but also the weight carried within.

From a young age Annalisa has been interested in esoteric studies and for years she studied under the guidance of Masters. In New York she deepened her knowledge and understanding in this field at the Academy of European Arts and Culture, a school based in the Fourth Way system dedicated to the Awakening of the Soul.

Today as an Intuitive Coach, Annalisa supports individuals and groups in developing their awakened state and releasing themselves from the burden of suffering. Her experience is that the Way of Love and Presence (the system that she teaches) can lead to harmonic relationships: the acquisition of tools and methods that form part of her system can create alchemical transformations both internally and externally for her clients. It can assist in paving the way for people to become their ‘real’ selves and to live lives in joy and gratitude.

Today Annalisa lives between Italy, New York and London. Through her writing, Annalisa shares her love, heart and understanding, garnered through her intense life experiences, in the hope that it will in some way touch the lives of others and assist them on their path to Light and Love.

Her passion as a writer also finds expression in painting, cooking and gardening.


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